The Fabulous ACE Award

The ACE Award recognizes JDS students who daily demonstrate they are trying to work up to their potential and to do their best. The award is based on Academics, Citizenship, and Effort; it is an extension of the JDS Student Handbook.

Students are asked to diligently work each day by completing both class and homework assignments, upholding the JDS Student Handbook – simultaneously treating others the way in which they want to be treated as well as representing the Honor System in all that they do.

In order for a student to receive an ACE award, the following conditions are met:

  • Assignments – completing class & homework on time accordingly
  • Citizenship = treating people the way you want to be treated
  • Effort – trying one’s very best every day

Field Trips

Field trips and supplementary programs are very much a part of Jefferson Day School. While participating on them, students continue to act in an appropriate manner – being respectful to the supervising adults as well as to classmates. Jefferson students have always been recognized for their outstanding conduct on field trips. JDS staff believes it is because the students try to exercise the “Golden Rule” as well as the Honor System, not only at school, but off-campus too. It is necessary to be courteous and well-mannered as students know their behavior reflects them as well as Jefferson Day School.

Various  trips have been planned for the school year ahead. In the past, students have visited local attractions, i.e., Old Salem, SciWorks, Bethabera, Asheboro Zoo, as well as enjoy swimming at the YMCA, listening to  the Winston-Salem Symphony Concerts, celebrating with class parties, plus hiking and exploring Piedmont parks as well as grounds of NC State Parks. Enrichment activities off-campus have also extended to sight seeing in Washington, D.C., Monticello, VA, Charleston, SC, Montreal and Quebec, England and France.

Students wear their JDS T-shirts or sweatshirts on field trips. By doing this, students and teachers can be easily recognized as the group they are proud to be.

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