Agape Agape (Penguin Classics) by William Gaddis

By William Gaddis

William Gaddis released 4 novels in the course of his lifetime, large and complicated books that helped inaugurate a brand new move in American letters. Now comes his ultimate paintings of fiction, a refined, targeted end result of his paintings and ideas. For greater than fifty years Gaddis accumulated notes for a e-book concerning the mechanization of the humanities, informed in terms of a social historical past of the participant piano in the USA. within the years ahead of his loss of life in 1998, he distilled the complete mass right into a fiction, a dramatic monologue by way of an aged guy with a terminal affliction. carrying on with Gaddis's career-long mirrored image on these facets of company technological tradition which are uniquely damaging of the humanities, Agape Agape is a beautiful success from one of many undeniable masters of postwar American fiction.

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