Masters of Fantasy by Terry; Greenberg, Martin H. (editor) Carr

By Terry; Greenberg, Martin H. (editor) Carr

Anthology via a variety of authors that includes delusion

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Yes,if we but toredowna branch-theyhangedus,or theythrewus into dungeons to rot,or whippedus till our backswereredlattices. "Theyhadtheirbroadfields,the nobles-butwemustraiseour foodin the patcheswhere the treesdisdainedto grow'And if they did thrust themselves into our poorpatches, then,M'sieu,we must let them have their way-or be flogged,or be throwninto the dungeons or be hanged. "They stole our fields and they took the food from the mouthsof our children;they droppedtheir fagotsto us like dole to beggars; theytemptedus to warmthwhenthecoldstruckour bones-and theyboreus asfruit a-swingat the endof the foresters'ropesif we yielded to their tempting.

A white woman sprang out from the shadow, threw herself at his feet, clutched them and brought him down. Another woman and another droppedupon him. The note of his shrieking changed from fear to agony; then died abruptly into silence. And now McKay could seenone of the three, neither old polleau or his A. Merrltt sons,forthegreen-cladmenandthewhitewomencoveredthem! Theroarof the joy. The coppice they air as becomethin phantomsetchedin emeraldtranslucent trees-had around hadbeenwhenfirst thl greensorceryhadenmeshedhim.

The words what did McKay staredat him. And still more did Polleau'snext wordsstrengthenthat conviction. a sort'Thewood "M'sieu,"he said,"you comehereasambassador-of you. A centurywe haveownedthis land. M'sieu,in all thoseyearstherehasbeenno momentthat the treeshavenot hatedus-nor we the trees. "This is childish,Polleau. trees:' the blame ,,In yourheartyOudo not believeso,"saidPolleau. But if we cut downa treeto keepus warm,to keepour womenandour childrenwarm. yes,if we but toredowna branch-theyhangedus,or theythrewus into dungeons to rot,or whippedus till our backswereredlattices.

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