A Modern Almagest: An Updated Version of Ptolemy’s Model of by Richard Fitzpatrick

By Richard Fitzpatrick

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3: Declinations and right ascensions of points on the ecliptic circle (b). 4: Terrestrial climes in the earth’s northern hemisphere. The superscripts h, m, and d stand for hours, minutes, and days, respectively. The symbols S and N indicated that the upper transit of the sun occurs to the south and north of the zenith, respectively. 5: Right ascensions of the ecliptic for latitude 0◦ . 6: Oblique ascensions of the ecliptic for latitude +10◦ . 7: Oblique ascensions of the ecliptic for latitude +20◦ .

60◦ ), as seen from an observation site of terrestrial latitude −10◦ , 3 hours before and after it culminates at the meridian. 19 (since λ → λ + 180◦ when L → −L). The fourth row of this entry tells us that t = 03:00 hrs. before culmination the altitude and parallactic angle of the first point of Gemini are a = 36◦ 26 ′ and µ = 360◦ − 162◦ 11 ′ = 197◦ 49 ′ , respectively (since a → a and µ → 360◦ − µ as L → −L). This row also tells us that t = 03:00 hrs. 13: Map showing all stars of visual magnitude less than +6 lying within 15◦ of the ecliptic plane.

ZDS the meridian, and Z the zenith. ZYC is an altitude circle. altitude a ≡ CY of point Y, as well as the angle µ ≡ ZYB. Note that µ is defined such that it lies between the ecliptic in the direction of increasing ecliptic longitude and the altitude circle in the direction of increasing altitude. Moreover, µ is acute when increasing altitude, a, corresponds to increasing ecliptic latitude, β, and obtuse when increasing a corresponds to decreasing β. See Figs. 12. Incidentally, this definition is adopted in order to simplify the calculation of lunar parallax—see Sect.

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