A History of Philosophy (Part I: Hobbes to Paley, Vol 5, by Frederick Copleston

By Frederick Copleston


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Acknowledgements This investigation was supported by CNPq, CAPES and FAPESP. , Perozzi, E. : 1984, Long-term evolution of short-period comets, Inst. Astrof. Spaz. (Rome), Int. Report 12. , Froeschle, C. : 1993, Meteorites from the asteroid 6 Hebe, Celest. Mech. Dyn. , 56,287-305. , Froeschle, C. : 1994a, Meteorites delivery and transport, lA U Symposium, 160,205-222. , Morbidelli, A. : 1994b, Asteroids falling into the Sun, Nature, 371, 314-317. : 1994a, Kirkwood gaps and resonant groups, lAU Symposium, 160,175-188.

Very few asteroids exhibit regular dynamics (those which appear as dots in Fig. * • o ~ ~+-+-;-~-r-+-+-;~~~+-+-;--r~-+~ po ·0 ·c B l[) ~ ;::0 II> U N ~ 0 ~ l[) e0 a. 4 Proper semimajor axis (AU) Fig. 6. Origin of MB Mars-crossers from the main belt. (A) the initial proper semimajor axis and eccentricity of the integrated asteroids. Asterisks denote the bodies that will become Mars-crossers within the integration time span. (B) The trace left by their time evolution. Proper elements are constant for regular asteroids, whose orbital elements have quasi-periodic evolution, while change over time for those evolving chaotically.

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