55 Proof by JA Konrath

By JA Konrath

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Terra Christa: The Global Spiritual Awakening

The worldwide non secular awakening to the Christ energies of our age. 1985 242pp

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I thought. Julia had her nose in the garbage can, sniffing Thorpe’s sock. If I could only switch dogs somehow. That was it. 25 “I’ll switch dogs somehow,” I said. ” “Like a hostage trade. I’ll call up Ms. ” I picked up the phone. “Ms. Cummings? ” “I know. ” For someone who looked like a mime, she was sure full of comments. ” “Is my little Poopsie okay? ” “She’s fine. ” “Does Miss Julia still have the trots? ” I stared at the land mines dotting my floor. “Yeah. ” “Make sure she eats well. ” Julia was currently snacking on a tuna sandwich I’d dropped under the desk sometime last week.

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