Pioneers in the field of alternative education, Jefferson Day School has earned state-wide recognition during the past forty-three (43) years by working with Exceptional Students in Grades K-12, i.e., Gifted, Learning Disabled(LD), ADD, ADHA, Autistic, and the list goes on….

The JDS faculty averages over eighteen (18) years of teaching experience and are all trained to help students who learn differently.

Because students do not learn according to the same style or at the same pace, Jefferson Day School offers an alternative to traditional teaching methods. For over forty-two years, it has been the JDS Faculty privilege to work with students who learn differently while discovering student gifts that are often overlooked in traditional school settings.

JDS alternative teaching methods to traditional education provide an opportunity for each student to better reach his/her potential and become all that he/she can be.

Jefferson Day School specializes in Stellar education for students who learn differently!

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